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  • Concrete

    Concrete Wacker 38mm High Frequency Poker Internal vibrator for concrete compaction. Wacker 5.2m Concrete Hand Tamp Lightweight tamping beam for manually levelling of concrete. Wacker Vibrating Roller Single drum vibratory roller for compaction of soil, driveways and lawns. Wacker Vibrating Rammer Mechanically compacts soil and granular materials. Wacker Vibrating Plate Durable plate compactors are available for multiple applications such as compaction of asphalt and bases. Range of sizes available Wacker Reversible Vibrating Plate Versatile and agile vibrating plate for compacting pavements, paving stones, paths, horticulture and landscaping and road maintenance. Wacker Power Floats Creates professional finish on concrete floors. Available with Dish. Wacker Edging Power Float 24" Concrete finishing along edges. Wacker Vibrating Poker Unit Petrol poker drive unit with dynapac coupling, to power flexible drive pokers or submersible pumps. See Poker. Wacker Poker Concrete vibrating poker with flexible shaft. See Vibrating Poker Unit. Wacker Electric Cordless Poker Cordless concrete vibrator for removing air bubbles from wet concrete. Wacker Magic Screed Uniform vibration over the entire blade length and enhances concrete compaction. Anti-vibration system reduces handle vibration for operator comfort and control. Wacker Stone Polisher Electronic with speed control by pre-setting dial, soft start and overload protection. Evenly fed water supply to the polishing pad to prevent overheating and dust build up. Wacker Twin Beam Sizes: Beam unit only 7.2m (23' 7") 6.2m (20' 3") 5.2m (17' 0") 4.7m (15' 6") 4.2m (13' 9") 3.2m (10' 6") Wacker Concrete Mixer Capacity: 3 cubic feet Wacker Easy Float with Poles Floats pushed and pulled across a concrete surface to smooth. Wacker Frenso Broom Easy Float Combination float for applying a consistent brushed, non-slip finish to concrete. Over concrete surface, push to improve consistency then pull for brushed finish.

  • Builders Equipment

    Builders Equipment Tile Bridge Saw Rail tile saw with high cutting capacity for all types of clinkers and tiles. Guide rail system gives excellent precision for cutting large tiles and you can do plunge and bevel cute from 45° to 90° and up to 50x50cm diagonally. Eurocoup Tile Cutter also available that cuts from below. TS 60 Tile Cutter Manual tile cutter that has a breaking mechanism that can exert over 400kg of controlled pressure and a lateral stop allows the user to make accurate repetitive cuts quickly. Site Level Reliable for accurate measurements and high quality results. Power Stirrer Hand held mixing stirrer that takes the manual labour out of mixing materials such as paints, adhesives, plaster and bonding compounds. Laser Level Multipurpose self-levelling construction laser level. Complete with staff and tripod. Hilti Nail Gun Piston tool with automatic cartridge feed and power adjustment for fastening steel, brickwork and concrete. Gin Wheels Pulley system for manually-operated vertical lifting. Floor Grinder/Scourer Twin head grinder for grinding concrete surfaces, removing oil, dirt and ice. Drain Rods Work around the edge of blocked drains to loosen debris causing the blockage. Radio Detection Genny Operates at 33kHz and assists the Cable Avoidance Tool for increased flexibility. Mouse (Radiodetection Sonde) Battery operated sonde used for locating pipes and cables. Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T.) Ideal locator to use to determine the exact location and depth of buried pipes and cables. Acrow Props Provide temporary support of walls, ceilings, beams, openings and formwork. Sizes Available: 0 (1.04m - 1.83m) 1 (1.75m - 3.12m) 2 (1.98m - 3.35m) 3 (2.59m - 3.96m) 4 (3.20m - 4.88m) Strongboys Supports walks whilst installing beams, RSJ's or lintels. Bitumen Boilers Boils bitumen, commonly used as a weatherproof, watertight roof coating. Block Cart Effortless transportation of bricks, kerb stones, slabs, etc. Bumpa Tile Lifter Quick and easy lifting of tiles and other roofing materials onto and off a roof.

  • Power Tools & Plant Hire | J M Armitage Ltd

    For All Your Hire Needs Est. 1966 As a dedicated family business, spanning three generations, we have loyal relationships with our customers. With over 55 years of experience in the tool and plant hire industry, we have a wealth of knowledge to ensure you get the best equipment suitable for your requirements. Air Equipment Plant Hire Browse our wide range of plant available to hire, from Mini-Diggers to Chippers. Air Equipment Tool Hire Browse our tools and power tools available to hire, from ladders and scaffolding to hedge trimmers and strimmers. Air Equipment Products Browse our range of products available to buy. Air Equipment Collection or Delivery Our range of tools and plant are available for collection or delivery, the choice is yours! Don't know what you need? If you don't know exactly what you need for your job, ask us! We are eager to pass on our experience and knowledge to our customers and provide you with the equipment you need at competitive prices. Call or eMail to discuss your query.

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