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  • Safety & Security

    Safety & Security Range of Ratchet Straps Enquire for Sizes. Range of Padlocks Available Sizes: 55/30 Solid 55 65/30 Premium 65 55/40 Solid 55 55/60 Solid 55 Flat Style Bungee Cords Two Pieces. Available Lengths: 610mm (24"), 910mm (36") Debris Netting 2m x 20m Klensorb Oil Dri Absorbent Floor Granules De-Icing Salt 25kg PTFE Thread Seal Tape 12mm x 12m x 0.075mm Clear Weatherproof Mammoth Tape 50mm x 33m Masking Tape 25mm x 50m (Also available: 38mm x 50m) Gaffa Tape Width: 50mm Length: 50m PVC Electrical Tape 19mm x 20m Blue Poly Rope Length: 10m Diameter: 10mm Max Load: 160kg Break Strain: 1200kg Barrier Fencing Bright Orange Polypropylene Fencing. Width: 1m Length: 50m Barrier Tape Length: 500m Width: 70mm Face Masks Stops air particles, flu particles, etc. Pack of 50 Cable Ties Nylon Cable Ties. Available Sizes: 250 x 4.8mm or 150 x 3.6mm Builders Hat One Size Scan Indirect Vent Goggles Indirectly ventilated goggles for protection against medium energy high speed impacts. Vitrex Ear Protectors Suitable for DIY & power tool applications. Scan Direct Vent Goggles Directly ventilated goggles for protection against medium energy high speed impacts. Dewalt Clear Lens Protective Glasses Lightweight, clear lens safety glasses with rubber tipped temples for comfortable wear. Dewalt Smoke Lens Protective Glasses Lightweight, smoke lens safety glasses with rubber tipped temples for comfortable wear. Vitrex Safety Shield Impact resistant, clear polycarbonate visor. Scan Nitrile Coated Red Knitted Gloves Palm and finger coated nitrile gloves that are resistant to oils and fuels. Available sizes: L, XL Vitrex General Purpose Knee Pads Durable waterproof lightweight foam pads. Vitrex Tapered Ear Plugs Disposable foam ear plugs, shaped for easy insertion. Pack of 5 Scan Welders Gauntlet Gloves Cowsplit leather with welted seams. Size: 14" (35cm) Long Vitrex High Dexterity Gloves Tough, flexible palm coated glove with fully adjustable wrist closure. Vitrex Premium Builders Grip Gloves Excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions for safe and secure handling. One Size

  • Plumbing

    Plumbing Tube Conduit Bender Permanently form metal pipes and tubes. Stillson Wrench Grips pipes and nuts. Pipe Threader Rothenberger BSP pipe threader produces 1.5" pipe threads. Pressure Tester To carry out pressure tests on water or oil pipework systems. Pipe Vice & Stand For repetitive pipework tasks. Pipe Freezer Freezes pipes to allow for maintenance and repairs. Pipe Cutter Robust cutter for all kinds of cast iron and steel pipe. Threading Machine 2" BSP pipe threading machine to prepare and finish pipes. Blow Torch For heat demanding applications such as pipe maintenance, drying, bitumen laying, etc. Chain Wrench Provide maximum grip on round or irregular objects. Drain Rods Work around the edge of blocked drains to loosen debris causing the blockage. Hand Ratchet For easy pipe threading. Available sizes: 1" 2" Pipe Bender Heavy duty 2" pipe bender, capable of bending pipes up to 90°

  • Ladders & Scaffolding

    Ladders & Scaffolding Air Equipment Aluminium Scaffold Towers Staging Available sizes: 8' 10' 12' 14' 16' 18' 20' 24' Step Ladder Available sizes: 4' 5'6" 7' 7'8" Single Ladder Available size: 10' Steel Trestles Available sizes: 1 0.60 - 0.71 m 2 0.79 - 1.14 m 3 1.09 - 1.74 m 4 1.35 - 2.15 m Battens Available sizes: 8' 10' 13' Ladder Stand Off Creates a gap between the top of the ladder and the wall for maintenance, glazing and painting. Roof Ladder Available sizes: 14' 16' 18' 23' Double Extension Ladders Available sizes: 20' and 30' Triple Extension Ladders Available sizes: 24' and 38'

  • Beam Trolleys & Lifts

    Beam Trolleys & Lifts Roller Crowbar 5T roller crowbar for lifting heavy and bulky items such as machinery. Gin Wheel Pulley system for manually-operated vertical lifting. Pallet Truck Easily transport heavy and bulky items. Hydraulic Puller Suitable for any pushing and pulling job during maintenance and repair work. Beam Trolleys Available sizes: 2T (3" - 8"), 3T (3" - 8") Sumner Lift Transport heavy loads quickly and easily whilst keeping the operators safe. Large and small sizes available. Genie Lift Compact, transportable lifting unit that can be used as a forklift or hand truck. Drywall Lift Assists the operator in lifting panels when installing drywalls.

  • Drills

    Drills Diamond Drilling Rig Powerful with electronic overload protection. Easy to transport. No 3 MT Magnetic Drill Powerful and compact corded magnetic drill. Milwaukee Magnetic Drill Cordless magnetic drill with two speed gear box for optimised drilling when using annual cutters or twist drill bits. Angle 1/2" Drill 240V Percussion drill - 13mm keyed chuck drill. Drills into concrete, brick, metal, plastic or wood. Cordless Drill Drill driver with impact drilling function with 100Nm torque, perfect for the toughest jobs. Cordless Impact Screwdriver Compact with soft grip handle for comfortable use. Variable speed trigger and LED worklight. Cordless Impact SDS Drill Powerful performance for quick and effortless work. Large Core Drill Powerful and adaptable core drill that can be used in wet and dry conditions, rig mounted and hand held applications.

  • Engineering

    Engineering Straight Grinder For internal grinding. Shear For cutting sheet metal. Nibbler Repeatedly punch semi circular holes in 2.5mm - 3.5mm thick metal. Electric Impact Wrench High torque and effective impact system for demanding jobs. Fein Nibbler For cutting roofing sheets. Die Grinder For use with mounted points and carbide burrs. Suited to intricate work. Impact Wrench 18V battery powered wrench for quickly and easily loosening nuts. 4.5" Angle Grinder High power output angle grinder for inricate work. 5" Angle Grinder High power output angle grinder for grinding metal. 9" Angle Grinder High power output angle grinder for grinding metal. Bevelling Machine Portable, heavy duty edge preparation machine for bevelling plates and pipes before welding.

  • Breakers & Hammers

    Breakers & Hammers Hydraulic Breaker Unit Powerful yet lightweight powerpack with breaker. Petrol and diesel units available Bosch Breaker Bosch performance breaker with vibration control for comfortable operation. 110V transformer required Makita SDS Max Hammer SDS Max Demolition Hammer has anti-vibration technology with a swivelling D-shaped handle for easy, extra-low vibration performance. 110V transformer required Recommended chisel: 6 - 52mm Makita SDS Max Drill SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill has anti-vibration technology to enable extra-low vibrations. 110V transformer required Makita SDS Hammer SDS Demolition Hammer designed to demolish brickwork and concrete 110V transformer required Recommended chisel: 6 - 18mm Makita SDS Drill SDS Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill has anti-vibration technology to enable extra-low vibrations. 110V transformer required

  • Solvents

    Solvents Metal Marker For use on rusty/greasy/clean metal surfaces. Available Colours: Red, White Aerosol Solutions Linemarker Colours Available: White, Yellow Contents: 750ml Miller Oils Delta 2EP Grease Mass: 400g OKO Off Road Tyre Sealant Proven puncture protection for Off Road vehicles that seals punctures instantly with a permanent seal & extends useful tyre life. Contents: 1250ml TyGris Carburettor Cleaner Cleans stubborn deposits & improves engine performance. Industrial - R201 Contents: 400ml TyGris Water Displacing Anti Rust Agent Displaces water, penetrates, lubricates & protects. Industrial - R213 Contents: 400ml Rocol RTD Liquid Metal Cutting Lubricant which Doubles Tool Life. Mass: 400g Ever Build Wonder Wipes Multiuse Pack of 100 Wipes. Miller Oils Trident Professional Engine Oil Semi Synthetic Engine Oil for Petrol and Diesel Engines. 10w40 Contents: 5L Loctite Super Glue Bonds Metal, China, Plastic, Rubber, Leather and Wood. Mass: 5g Sodium Hypochlorite Drains, Floors, Lavatories and All General Disinfecting & Cleaning. Contents: 25L Husqvarna Universal 2 Stroke Oil 50:1 mix Contents: 0.1L Paslode Lubricating Oil 4 fl oz Ever Build Lumberjack Wood Adhesive Professional Grade 45 min Brown Mass: 750g Carpet Fresh 3 in 1 Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo Contents: 1L WD-40 Silicone Free. Contents: 450ml Engineers Liquid Hand Soap Soap cleans but does not damage the skin. Ideal for use in soap dispensers. 5L Red Beaded Hand Gel Removes oil and grease. 5L Hand Sanitiser 5L

  • Air Equipment

    Air Equipment Petrol Compressor Petrol driven compressor for small workshop tools. Needle Gun Pistol Grip Needle Gun with 19 x 3mm needles for scaling applications such as removing rust and old paint and cleaning concrete and machinery.

  • Decorating

    Decorating Mastic Gun 425ml Mixing Paddle Length: 600mm Stanley Hobby Paint Brushes Available sizes: 12mm (0.5") 25mm (1") 38mm (1.5") 50mm (2") 63mm (2.5") 75mm (3") 100mm (4") Tile Remover & Scraper Ideal for removing tiles and residue from most surfaces. Hammer end for quick strike use on stubborn materials. Small Plastic Float Float for 'floating' and 'scrubbing' plaster, cement and concrete. 280 x 110mm Dust Sheet Poly Coated Cotton Dust Sheet. 3.6 x 2.8m (12 x 9ft)

  • Hydraulic Jacks & Cylinders

    Hydraulic Jacks & Cylinders Hydraulic Cylinder Range with Pumps 10T Ram with Pump Enerpac 10 T Pump 10T Ram 50T Cylinder 50T Pump 10T Hydraulic Jack with Pump Engine Hoist Lifts 1T Hydraulic Jack Lifts 5T Hydraulic Toe Jack Available sizes: 10T Jack (5T Toe) 20T Jack (8T Toe) 30T Jack (12T Toe) 35T Jack (14T Toe)

  • Gardening

    Gardening Air Equipment Woodchipper Garden Roller Width: 48cm (19") Rotary Sieve Sieve large volumes of rubble and refine top soil and compost. Mesh Size: 20mm - 10mm Strimmer Brush Attachment Attachment for Small Strimmer Power Brush Attachment Attachment for Camon C8 Rotavator Swivelhead Hedge Cutter Long reach hedgecutter for work on tall hedges whilst the operator remains on the ground. Large Strimmer Very powerful strimmer for work in tough conditions. Small Strimmer Recommended for strimming small areas of grass and lawn edges. Camon Rotavator C10 Recommended for contractors, groundspeople and landscapers. Camon Rotavator C8 Recommended for allotments and gardens for a fine finish. 20" rotary hoe Turf Cutter Effortlessly removes turf. Post Hole Borer Petrol-powered post hole borer that makes 8" holes. Billy Goat - Petrol Leaf Vacuum Powerful suction with easy operation. Flame Gun Heavy duty burner for heat demanding applications such as bitumen laying, preheating, drying, etc. Rotary Lawnmower Effortless mowing with inbuilt self-propulsion, making inclines and large spaces easier for the operator. Petrol Hedge Trimmer Lightweight, double-sided hedge trimmer with an anti-vibration system for comfortable use. Petrol Leaf Blower Powerful yet low emissions engine easily blows leaves and debris whilst soft handles and the anti vibration system keep the operator comfortable.

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