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1.5T Mini-Digger

1.5T Digger Hire
1.5T Digger Hire

J M Armitage Ltd stock Kubota KX015-4 and KX016-4 1.5T Mini-Excavators that have a powerful performance whilst being compact in size, for use either on large construction sites or in areas with limited space.

  • Perfect for use on large construction sites, residential areas, roadsides and smaller spaces that require greater digging power than the 1T Mini-Excavator

  • Well-balanced arm and bucket allows fast and efficient digging in stretching conditions

  • Up to 2.25m dig depth

  • Max. reach of 3.73m

  • Large cabin with a flat floor, adjustable suspension seat and lots of legroom

  • KX015-4 width of 990mm

  • KX016-4 width of 990mm to 1240mm

Available Attachments:

  • 9" Bucket

  • 12" Bucket

  • 18" Bucket

  • Ditching Bucket

  • Pecker

For prices and availability, please call today!

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